Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Advice for Not For Profit Social Media Newbies

Last Friday I shared a speaking spot with Stephen Fox of Melbourne-based digital company Reactive at the annual YMCA marketing forum.

A social media guru if ever there was one, Stephen offered great advice for not for profits embarking on social media.  He suggested they need to get the fundamentals right upfront including: 
  • Setting a social media governance framework with clear boundaries. 
  • Resourcing social media efforts and train those who manage social media platforms. 
  • Monitoring and listen in to social media platforms before you start to advocate. 
  • Using a personal voice because corporate speak does not cut it in social media. 
  • Engaging, supporting and responding to others with valuable information.
Of particular interest Stephen shared tips  to raise funds or advocate an issue on social media:
  • Give people a simple call to action – something they can easily do online to contribute or participate.
  • Provide fresh content as the campaign unfolds.
  • Tell people your targets and graphically show how and where you are achieving them. 
  • Show who else is involved.
  • People appreciate acknowledgement so find a way to recognise those who donate dollars, time, and effort or otherwise support your cause.      
Based on Stephen’s knowledge and enthusiasm, I think his company would be a natural fit for any Melbourne not for profit wanting a social media campaign with integrity.


Cameron Stewart said...

Thanks for coming down Bob, I certainly appreciated your your input!!!

Bob Crawshaw said...

Thanks Cameron. I enjoyed meeting the Y team. You seem to be communications-conscious,capable and up for future challenges.