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Friday, March 22, 2013

Creating Compelling Content For Footall Fans

 When Hawthorn player Cyril Rioli spectacularly marked a football last year he did so in the heat of the moment, for the team, for the game.

But Rioli's effort also provided a rich source of content for the 100 plus communications staff  employed by the Australian Football League (AFL).  

The flying mark, a unique feature of Australia's own football code, is a highly visual demonstration of the game's  athleticism.  

The communications staff quickly seized the Rioli moment as a content marketing opportunity to spread the imagery across its own multiple platforms and make sure it was talked about in bars, clubs and taxis throughout the football world.. 

The League's own online commentary team endlessly talked about it, the imagery was available to fans on their mobile phones and it was plastered across the official website which attracts 3.2 million unique visits every month.

The AFL is one of Australia's pioneers in content marketingThroughout the coming 2013 season the League and its clubs plan to offer fans a rich sporting smorgasbord of:
  • Scores and game highlights
  • Breaking news gathered by its in-house journalists 
  • Videos, images, ladders, tables, ratings and other graphics
  • Game analysis from its commentary teams
  • Online and on demand TV shows
  • Audio captured from the training park and after the final siren 
  • Player profiles and bios
  • Historical information and quirky insights
  • Fan comment
  • endless lists categorizing players, game highlights and other data in endless ways
This season the football playbooks will be matched by the content marketing playbooks of the AFL's marketers  singularly  focused on using compelling content to drive fan loyalty.

Thanks to a presentation by AFL Head of Content Matt Pinkney
at the recent Content Marketing World conference in Sydney.