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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bank Markets Federal Budget As Customer Content

I have banked with the National Australia Bank (now nab) for 25 years and, with a few exceptions, the relationship has been good

I recently discovered the Bank and I are content marketing enthusiasts. 

In the lead up to the Australian Federal Budget last week, the Bank offered free budget updates and analysis on issues I'm interested in. For me that's superannuation and anything about small business taxation. 

The information comes as video or text and importantly I can consume it when I want.

All this sounds like good tactical level Content Marketing built around a specific event.  

Through nab I got a quick assessment of how the Budget affects me personally, within 48 hours of the Commonwealth Treasurer delivering his much anticipated speech. I did not have to wait on others like traditional media and specialist magazines to bring me the news.  
That's a nice piece of content marketing from a business that usually only provides me routine (but important) service.