Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging Makeover To Sharpen The Edge

It's about time I put the atomic drop on my blogging.

After 20 000 page views and over 250 posts it's time to revamp my blogging style to make it more engaging, useful and a bit edgier.

So far most of the content on this blog has been about "how to" communications tools, tips and tactics. Hopefully folks have found value in this approach.

While I plan to continue to share these types of thoughts, it's time to branch out.

Today we are drowning in oceans of advertising, marketing and PR speak. And the really sad part is most of it is insufferably bad.

Therefore from time to time, as we come across poor communications, we will " call it out."  By the same token we'll also be quick to praise the good work of those who engage us with compelling, persuasive and helpful information.

So watch this space for the normal - we hope useful content - but also join in celebrating and critiquing some of the communications efforts that confront us each week.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Sports Podcasts for Canberra

Justin Barrie shares insights for the new sports podcast series

Australia's national capital, Canberra, is home to many successful sporting leagues and clubs.
In the coming 12 months Sport and Recreation Services, part of the ACT Government, is offering Canberra's sports administrators free workshops to improve club performance in fundraising, marketing, managing volunteers and other key areas.

I'm helping Sport and Recreation Services to produce a four-part podcast series featuring local professionals involved in the workshops.
This morning I talked to Justin Barrie of Canberra-based company Design Managers Australia.  Justin shared insights into why your sports marketing mix needs social media, how clubs and codes can get started and the importance of social media planning. He also offered some interesting observations on social media during the recent London Olympics.

(I'll let you know when the podcasts are available.)