Sunday, February 17, 2013

Leave The Boss Behind When It Comes To PR

The CEO or Minister should be the last person speaking publicly for your organisation. 

That's if you believe the results of the Edelman Trust Barometer 2013.  

Australian results show only 41% of people find the CEO (or equivalent) credible as a spokesperson. And government officials rank only marginally higher.

Yet most PRs reflexively put forward their top leaders when it comes to communications.  That may be counter productive because less than half the people trust them, and even that level of trust is down 8% on 2012 results.

So if the CEO lacks the credibility who could be your communications champions?

Topping the list are academics or experts. 74% of people would believe them. Followed by:

  • A technical expert from your organisation (71%)
  • A person like yourself (62% and up 31 points from 2012)
  • A representative from a non government organisation (62%) 
  • A financial or industry analyst (57%)
  • A regular employee (51%)
  • A government official or regulator (47%)

... and sitting at the very bottom of the trust totem is the CEO (41%).  

It goes against conventional wisdom for anyone but the CEO to speak on behalf of your organisation. But if your communications struggle to cut through, it may be time to consider someone who enjoys more public respect.  


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Media Beats Out Social in Trust Ratings

We previously reported the Edelman Trust Barometer 2013 which surveys the institutions and individuals people trust.  

Edelman asked 1200 Australians about their confidence levels in media, government, not for profits and business. 

Well ... the latest results for traditional media are surprising and seem to go against prevailing wisdom. For example:
  • 83% of the general public trust TV or trust it a great deal
  • 78% trust newspapers and radio, with both enjoying exactly the same trust levels
  • 75% trust magazines
  • 64% trust corporate communications
But levels of trust for social media are way, way below traditional media: 
  • 41% of the general public trust Youtube and content sharing or trust it a great deal
  • 40%  trust blogs
  • 38% trust microblogs like Twitter
 And while crazies of all sorts have invaded the web confidence levels in it as a source of information remain high:
  • 78% of the general public trust search engines or trust them a great deal
  • 71% trust news/RSS on the web
 So Aussie communicators ....don't trash your media releases just yet.