Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talking To Politicans Cost Money

The intersection between money and communications is well known. Those with the dollars have far more communications options than the rest of us.

This is particularly true in political communications, and why fund raising is such an important part in US elections.

In coming days US Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan are in Connecticut looking for cash.

They will appear at party fundraisers with hefty price tags. For example the Hartford Courant newspaper reports local Republican supporters will pay $10 000 per person for a round table discussion with Ryan. Attending a reception for him will cost $1000 while a photo with the Vice Presidential nominee will set you back $5 000.

The costs for engaging with the Vice President are similar.

So if you need to talk to the top pollies ahead of the US election, your best chance is to grab the cheque book, start up the limo and head for the mansions where the well heeled gather.