Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not for Profit PR: Why You Need PR Now

This year we are launching a podcast series of nine episodes on Not for Profit PR.
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It explores how not for profits, charities and community groups can win the attention they deserve, on a budget they can afford. 

The idea came from the free communications workshops which we have been running for eight years and have been attended by 300 organisations.

Each episode will share ideas for getting attention on a tiny budget in areas such as:
  • Episode #1: Why not for profits need PR .
  • Episode #2: Fundamentals.
  • Episode #3: Working with the media.
  • Episode #4: Social media.
  • Episode #5: Word of mouth marketing.
  • Episode #6: Running a successful event: Part 1.
  • Episode #7: Running a successful event: Part 2.
  • Episode #8: Budgets, timetables and other essentials.
  • Episode #9: The people behind your PR.
Listen to Episode #1 for insights on the importance of PR for a not for profit like yours.

You can automatically get new episodes by adding your address in the email subscription box to the right. 

Why do you think community groups need to focus on marketing in 2012?


Anonymous said...

I cannot see how to access the audio story as no audio bar is on the page. At least on my iPad!

Bob Crawshaw said...

Hi, sorry about that. The audio bar is at the bottom of the page. Still having trouble, then click on