Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Planning For Gold Medal PR

It seems the upcoming Olympics have created a local demand for PR skills.

Last week we were approached to provide PR workshops for sporting clubs, codes and large leagues in Australia's national capital.

Here are our early thoughts on the two workshops we are planning to offer. 

Earn Media Coverage for Your Club
A media workshop for small clubs and codes
2 hours

Media coverage is one of the most effective ways your Club or Code can reach people to let them know what you are doing.  This workshop helps Club PR/media officers in smaller organisations attract media attention.  

This is a highly interactive session and covers:

  • The duties of Club PR/media officers.
  • Who are the Canberra media? 
  • The single most important thing you can offer a media organization.
  • Do your homework before approaching the media.
  • Three media products your organization must have.
  • Club spokespersons can be more valuable than gold medal winners.
  • Four ways to go one on one with the media.
  • Helpful resources for your PR/media role.
Boost Your National Profile
Integrated communications for larger leagues
2 hours

This how to workshop is about developing an integrated communications campaign to boost the profile of ACT sporting organisations competing in national leagues.  

A highly interactive session it covers:

·          Why integrated communications is the new black.
·          Working with traditional media beyond the sports reporter in an era of change.
·          Social media: sometimes it should lead, sometimes it should follow.
·          Communications mash-ups for high impact results.
·          Build the right communications infrastructure on a small budget 

Tell us what you think. How could we improve these workshops? 

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